Unable to transfer files via Bluetooth in Windows 11

hi guys if you’re unable to send or
receive a file using Bluetooth in
Windows 11 computer
here is the fix the very first fix is
just search services
Click on services to open the service
manager window
Search Bluetooth support service
double click on it
now make sure the startup type is
if it’s not running click on start
if it is running click on stop
then click on start
and click on apply and click on OK and
now try again any problem will be fixed
if this does not get fixed
there is one more thing that you can do
that is
let’s say you are trying to send any
file for example this is the file you
want to send
try to simplify its name okay rename it
to a simpler
something like this okay rename it and
then try again sending it again okay so
sometimes what happens due to special
characters present in the name or a very
long name the Bluetooth File Transfer
May Fail
so try again now if this does not work
there is one more thing that you can do
and that is just a search F squared
in the search box click on the code of the app
and now using this Bluetooth File
Transfer interface try to send or
receive files
and try again that’s it guys please do
like the video to support us and thanks
for watching the key

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