Top 5 best Scripts for Questions and Answers in 2023

Top 5 best Scripts for Questions and Answers in 2023



When you think about maintaining your community-driven websites, forums are the first thing that comes to mind because they have long been a single answer for running a discussion-oriented website. With the unexpected rise in popularity of question-answer websites such as yahoo answers, StackOverflow, blurtit, and others, aspiring webmasters have abandoned the idea of running a forum in favor of establishing their own QA websites.

Top question-and-answer websites


What made question-and-answer websites perform better than forum websites?

These websites are more straightforward since they encourage new users to ask questions and obtain answers without having to go through the arduous process of joining a forum. They appear better than forums, and the likelihood of a person posting a question is higher.

Aside from dedicating an entire website to the Q&A area, you can also combine a Q&A website with your existing website or blog. The benefit is that your visitors will leave similar queries on your site, which will increase search traffic even if they go unanswered. Unanswered inquiries might often generate more traffic than those that are answered.

That is why AmitBhawani and have launched question-and-answer websites.

Top Question and answer scripts


1. Question2answer


Question2answer script is a 100% free open source script written in PHP MySQL with Digg like a voting system.

2. Shapado


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Shapiro is written in ruby and is a clone script of StackOverflow.

3.  QSQA


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Qsqa is an open-source script for a community question-answer website and is written in python.

4. AskBot


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AsBot is written in Python and works the same as StackOverflow.

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