How to Run Android apps in your Chrome browser on any PC

How to Run Android apps in your Chrome browser on any PC

With over 1.5 million apps operating on mobile devices around the world, Android apps are bringing the internet and technology to the next level. But wouldn’t it be great if you could use these Android apps on your PC as well? Google now permits you to do so. So, if you have the apk of an Android app on your machine, you can launch it directly in your Chrome browser. The main limitation will be that it will only allow one app to run at a time. So let’s take a closer look at the process.


First Install ARC Welder

Simply go to the Chrome extension factory and install it. Because the file is somewhat larger than 100 MB, it will take some time to load.


It will be added to your Chrome browser.


Step 2 # Once installed, simply put chrome:/apps into the browser’s address bar. It will then display the Arc Welder app icon, as illustrated in the image below. Select the icon.


Meanwhile, you must locate the Android apk of the app that you want to use in Chrome. If you already have the app installed, just use the android apk extractor to extract the apk. You can also try several android apk mirror sites, however this is not recommended for security reasons.


Step 3# Insert your APK into the interface as displayed.

Step 4# Simply upload the apk and, on the next page, leave the default settings alone before clicking on launch app.

You can also access the app after it has been loaded by navigating to chrome:/apps.

The only disadvantage is that it can only run one app at a time.

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