How to Find Out When Your Website Was Last Indexed by Google

How to Find Out When Your Website Was Last Indexed by Google


Google is constantly checking blogs and webpages all across the internet for changes. The frequency with which a blog is visited is determined by the quality of the blog or website.


For example, Google may visit your newly launched blog once a month while also sticking his nose into TechCrunch every hour.

Daily, updated blogs with a high Page Rank are frequented.

Colder blogs with low PageRank are only visited once each month.

So it’s evident that the regularity with which Google visits you might tell you how much he adores you. Everyone wants Google Uncle as a regular guest on their blog, so forget about visitors. Because if Google finds your blog, people will follow.

The question is how to determine when Google last crawled you.

Simply search your website’s name in Google and click on a cached link there…


When you click on the Cached link, you will be taken to a page with some information displayed at the top.


The date displayed is the last time Google touched you after your update.

Thus you can easily tell that on 18 Oct (in the case above), Google uncle came.

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