How to Block a Website in Google Chrome

How to Block a Website in Google Chrome

Most of the time, when you come across some vital or fascinating information on a website, you just bookmark it so that you don’t forget the URL and remember to return to it later. This was the original psychology behind adding bookmark capability to browsers in the past.


If you’re a frequent internet user, your bookmarks might quickly accumulate, making it difficult to discover what you’re looking for. For example, you found a fantastic recipe on the web and saved the bookmark; now you don’t want to stress out about finding it again by browsing through that long and thorough list you created in the past. Here’s a simple way for condensing that process to just one step.


Steps for a Bookmark search

  1. Just type this in your chrome browser chrome://bookmarks
  2. Search your bookmarks from the search box given. You will get the result from your bookmarks only.


  • Install Bookmark search on your chrome.
  • Enter your query after typing bm and then hitting the space or enter key. For example, if you don’t remember the bookmark URL because the domain owner was very creative, but you remember it was something about CSS, simply input the keyword and hit enter.
    You will now only get search results from your bookmarked websites that are relevant to the keyword you typed.

Below is a screenshot explaining that.


This way, you will only get to the page you wanted but forgot about. You’ll also be tempted to bookmark more and more sites now that you know how to simplify them and find what you’re looking for.

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